Jo Piazza is an award-winning journalist, editor, digital content strategist and author.  She is currently the Managing Editor for Yahoo Travel.

Her novel with Lucy Sykes, The Knockoff, became an instant international bestseller in May 2015.

Piazza is also the author of the highly acclaimed “Celebrity Inc.: How Famous People Make Money,” an economic case study of the Hollywood Industrial Complex, the novel Love Rehab  and the critically praised bestseller “If Nuns Ruled the World.”

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The Knockoff by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza . . . describes the frantic process of taking a Vogue-like magazine from paper to app. . . [A] fizzy, girly, nicely executed bit of escapism. . . Has fun manipulating the generation gap facing Imogen. When she left, she was Queen. When she comes back, she’s lost her front-row Fashion week seat to a—What? What are these?—fashion blogger! Naturally, Imogen regrows her claws. And the book does its share of meowing about the entitled young women who now flood the magazine offices, living large because they still live rent-free at their parents’ apartments.” –Janet Maslin, The New York Times